Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mrs T

Thank you Mrs T (Leichhardt Hotel, Cloncurry) for your generous donation. As we discussed you know it is going to a good cause. Best wishes to you and you family.

Dont forget to stop at the Hotel as you pass through Cloncurry - excellent accommodation and superb Lobster!!!


  1. Hi dudes,
    Sorry I haven't been in touch other than the good news of our futsal win...
    I am still revelling int he Ashes win last night, I have been pulling all-nighters til 3am....BUT HEY THAT"S ENOUGH ABOUT XRICKET ("it's not a proper sport" someone famous once said)
    I love the photos
    Man, it's been hot here (32 today I belived) and the forecasts for where you are are sizzling...I look forward to a photo with you both is speedos and boots going down a dusty highway (hey, you have to look out for your growing gay fanbase, and the calender merchandising etc)

  2. We are still full-steam ahead for arriving in Darwin at midnight-ish on Saturday coming...I will to phone you...
    Really hoping we can arrange a meet up

    ManUtd beat Wigan 5-nil and Rooney appears to have a beard going on.

    Sarah and Andrea and all the girls had fish n chips and homemade meringues at Mooloo Spit on Sunday night whilst I was down in Sydney catching up with The WOlf

  3. great scenes of nostalgia on the TV screens...almost had a tear in my eye, remembering the good old days
    Hundreds of Millwall and West Ham fans went on the rampage in East London with bottles and Koshes and a geezer was stabbed in the chest in the underground ("Down in the Tube Station at midnight..wo-wo-wooooh")
    Apparently all the violence was planned in advance on a network of blogs and fan forums (sorry - "fora", I know Franco gets picky about proper latin)
    So, even though you thought you had a perfect alibi where you are now, you could still be "fitted up" by the "plod" for this elaborate football hoolganism blog you are running, masquerading as charity motorbikers...
    I tried to think of a single famous Millwall player....hey, George Best I'm sure, get on it stato....