Wednesday, September 23, 2009


We have nearly completed the Broome to Perth leg, and whilst we are enjoying the beautiful Coastline we do not think too much of the relentless and barren roads thay need to be travelled to get down the coast. We enjoyed 3 nights at Exmouth after a 2 day mad dash from Broome (700km one day, 800 the next!) and have just left Monkey Mia after a great stay for 2 days. Seeing the dolphins is clearly the highlight.

Whilst at Monkey Mia we attempted a trip to the tip of Cape Peron National Park but got beaten by the soft sand and the high tides, meaning we made it to within 10km of the tuip but had to turn back. Both Franco and I went belly-up on the way back trying to dodge the oncoming traffic that was unable to get out of the way. My camera has been smashed in the process, but only our egos otherwise were damaged. I will get a new camera in Perth to keep doocumenting the trip.

Mitas Tyres - Probably the best Tyre in the World

These have got to be the best Adventure Bike tyres available. Made in Czech Republic but perfect for Australia. Our sets have now lasted 10,000+ Km and whilst Franco's rear is on its last legs mime will roll into Perth.

Because of a mess up with the dealership charged with servicing our bikes in Perth, the replacement Tyres are not in stock....however a call to the importers this morning (Mityre) has solved the problem - they have generously donated new sets and they are shipping them out to Perth today. Thank goodness there are good people left in this world!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Davo Jones - Farrider

Received the sad news about Davo's accident in America leading to his passing. Davo had contacted us just before we left for our trip and was looking forward to his upcoming challenge but was gracious enough to encourage us. A stark reminder about motorcycles and safety.

How fragile we are.

Our thoughts and prayers to his family and loved ones.

Kimberly Extreme

Thank you to Kimberly Extreme for a great day flying out to the Horizontal Waterfalls. Your professional staff made the day incredibly enjoyable.

More specifically thank you for the generous donation towards SCKoping.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Broome Broome!

Completed our loop up to Cape Leveque and got very good at riding in sand as we had to cover about 300km in all! THe Cape is beautiful and we camped at the Kooljaman resort. Fantastic to finally get a chance to swim in the sea again.

We are now recovering in Broome for a few days. I will get some photos up whilst we are here.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Derby WA

We made it over the Gibb River Road and enjoyed the beauty of the Kimberly. Arrived in Derby today and had to repair both bikes shaken to pieces by the corrogations. This has delayed our progress to the Cape until tomorrow. Watch out for an update this weekend when we arrive at Broome.