Sunday, August 30, 2009

Comfortable night?

By the morning Franco had found that his self-inflating mattress could be better described as "self-deflating".

A check for punctures in Darwin lead to the discovery that a sieve has fewer holes. I suspect Franco needs to find a better way of packing his gear to avoid the in-pannier destruction.


  1. Yo, people on noisy motorbikes,
    Great to see you in Darwin, I agree about the Yellow Waters experience.
    Thanks for the tip Franco, we went with Rachel's tour and it was a real highlight
    1. England 5 Croatia 1 - england qualify
    2. Currimundi Vikings are minor Premiers 2 years running...BUT we have bogie team Mooloolah in prel final tomorrow night and Curr Utd (boooo!!) in Cup Final on 25th....Pip had a whip round and you can still be a fly-in fly-out Left half for that one Franco

    Keep up the good blogging
    By the way Chris, I am working on a good hip hop track based on your "good, s**t, eh?" comment in the Darwin hotel

  2. Did he end up getting a new mattress?

    lol about "that's good s**t, hey".