Sunday, November 1, 2009

We made it

18,000km in 10 weeks.

4 States/Territories visited

1 Puncture (fixed 3 times!!!)

1 warped brake disk

A few days of electrical problems.

2 sets of tyres, chains, sprockets.

1 sand storm in the desert (interesting visibility!)

1 day of rain.

2 sore rear ends.

Many amazing sights.

1 Uluru climbed

Wonderful insight into the people and culture of Australia.

1700 photos

Hit the link to see the video we made in the desert and at Longreach Qantas Hall of Fame

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fergus Bell - BMW Techincal Support

Thank you so much for your time today Fergus. Your sensible and pragmatic help came at a very important time for us and I hope that you have helped us save our ongoing trip.

Ayers Rock

Franco and I made it to Ayers Rock yesterday. Ongoing problems with Francos bike meant I had to tow him 100km accross the Victoria Desert - not something I would like to repeat!!!

We spend today taking his bike to pieces and think we found a problem with the electrics so fingers crossed the problems are in the past.

Our families arrive tomorrow - I have not seen mine for 8 weeks so I am so excited. The kids still dont know what is going on!!!

We will be tourists for a few days then we carry on back to Qld via Coober Pedy and Birdsville across the Bordsville track.

The ride has been superb and we have learnt so much about this country, its people and ourselves. It is amazing how it all fits together when you get a chance to see so much in a little time.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hey guys, hope you both not so sore and sorry after hitting the sand.......(makes ego stronger)The kids (sckoping) all want to know if you're OK and who has the biggest bruises(their words).
Update on us since you have left we have run 3 more groups (30 kids) and another starting next week. This week had program with surf lifesavers Mooloolaba, up to 22 kids per day for the 5 sessions. Got some budding first time surfers and nippers (though most said never been in water before). Also 3 have signed up to complete first aid qualifications and we have 8 coming on our young leaders camp.

Thanks again, the change I have seen in these kids .......amazing thanx stay safe xo

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


We have nearly completed the Broome to Perth leg, and whilst we are enjoying the beautiful Coastline we do not think too much of the relentless and barren roads thay need to be travelled to get down the coast. We enjoyed 3 nights at Exmouth after a 2 day mad dash from Broome (700km one day, 800 the next!) and have just left Monkey Mia after a great stay for 2 days. Seeing the dolphins is clearly the highlight.

Whilst at Monkey Mia we attempted a trip to the tip of Cape Peron National Park but got beaten by the soft sand and the high tides, meaning we made it to within 10km of the tuip but had to turn back. Both Franco and I went belly-up on the way back trying to dodge the oncoming traffic that was unable to get out of the way. My camera has been smashed in the process, but only our egos otherwise were damaged. I will get a new camera in Perth to keep doocumenting the trip.

Mitas Tyres - Probably the best Tyre in the World

These have got to be the best Adventure Bike tyres available. Made in Czech Republic but perfect for Australia. Our sets have now lasted 10,000+ Km and whilst Franco's rear is on its last legs mime will roll into Perth.

Because of a mess up with the dealership charged with servicing our bikes in Perth, the replacement Tyres are not in stock....however a call to the importers this morning (Mityre) has solved the problem - they have generously donated new sets and they are shipping them out to Perth today. Thank goodness there are good people left in this world!