Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ayers Rock

Franco and I made it to Ayers Rock yesterday. Ongoing problems with Francos bike meant I had to tow him 100km accross the Victoria Desert - not something I would like to repeat!!!

We spend today taking his bike to pieces and think we found a problem with the electrics so fingers crossed the problems are in the past.

Our families arrive tomorrow - I have not seen mine for 8 weeks so I am so excited. The kids still dont know what is going on!!!

We will be tourists for a few days then we carry on back to Qld via Coober Pedy and Birdsville across the Bordsville track.

The ride has been superb and we have learnt so much about this country, its people and ourselves. It is amazing how it all fits together when you get a chance to see so much in a little time.

1 comment:

  1. least it wasn't piggy-back and running across the desert. ??Franco's drooling and saliva shorted the bike's electrics
    Frank Flour-Farina is regretting having whiskey on his cornflakes- sacked for a drink drive charge. Eejit. Hope you haven't had the sandstroms that queensland have had lately. I want to see a non-photo-shop photo of you ramping the BMW up the side of Ayers rock, Chris -out of cultural respect, of course. last leg coming up...see you both soon