Wednesday, September 23, 2009


We have nearly completed the Broome to Perth leg, and whilst we are enjoying the beautiful Coastline we do not think too much of the relentless and barren roads thay need to be travelled to get down the coast. We enjoyed 3 nights at Exmouth after a 2 day mad dash from Broome (700km one day, 800 the next!) and have just left Monkey Mia after a great stay for 2 days. Seeing the dolphins is clearly the highlight.

Whilst at Monkey Mia we attempted a trip to the tip of Cape Peron National Park but got beaten by the soft sand and the high tides, meaning we made it to within 10km of the tuip but had to turn back. Both Franco and I went belly-up on the way back trying to dodge the oncoming traffic that was unable to get out of the way. My camera has been smashed in the process, but only our egos otherwise were damaged. I will get a new camera in Perth to keep doocumenting the trip.


  1. Glad you're both OK. Hope Franco manages to get a replacement tyre for the journey to Perth. xxx

  2. Bummer about the camera. hope you're photos are not lost